Q: How often do you update the statistics on the page?


A: One to twice a week.



Q: How do I do to join the page?


A: Simple, you have a big channel with more followers than the person in 50th spot, and you will automatically join.



Q: I have a big channel and I have more followers than some people on the list, why am I not in?


A: One of two factors is important in this situation. Either way, you've gotten lost in all channels, and in that case you submit your information to us by going to "Report" and we'll solve it. The other factor is that you use a broker, ie if you are a blogger and do not have your own website without using a blog portal.



Q: How credible is the era of statistics?


A: A large part of our statistics are publicly available on the Internet. Blog platforms do not show statistics in public, we use reliable sources.



Q: I'm on the site, but why is there no picture of me?


A: Awesome! There is no picture of you because it is illegal from our side to use images that we do not have the rights to. If you want to have your picture on the website, just contact us, we appreciate it!